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Sean Robinson : Menace to the Retro Computer Community?

Updated: Mar 10

Video featuring Adrian Black of Adrian's Digital Basement

**I'm adding a link with more info about some dealing in the Retro Apple community.

**Another video on this guy!

***AND ANOTHER great video about this guy with some very compelling information!

Retro Reflections: Understanding Good and Bad in Our Community

Welcome to the world of retro lovers! Here, we all love old tech and gadgets. This place is full of different people who love sharing and talking about the cool tech they remember. These old computers and gadgets aren't just fun to talk about; they helped many of us choose our careers and shape who we are today. Our group is all about helping each other, sharing ideas, and making new things together. Everyone here is really kind and always ready to lend a hand.

But, not everyone in our group is here for the right reasons. Some people join us but end up causing trouble, taking advantage of others' trust. This makes us wonder about Sean Robinson. Is he one of the good guys who helps out, or is he causing harm? We're trying to figure that out by looking closely at what he does in our community.

Discovering Sean Robinson: Who Is He Really?

So, who is Sean Robinson? If you start looking him up online, you'll find a lot of stories. Some people say he's been involved in shady deals. There's even a book on Amazon called "Smoke and Mirrors" that talks a lot about him. People also mention him by a nickname "Sean Rox" and say he's on YouTube and other places online as GeekWithSocialSkills.

We think it's important for you to look into this yourself. There's a lot of info out there, and some of it is pretty serious. He's even spent time in jail in California for doing things that were dishonest and hurt our retro community. So, we're digging into all the details to understand his past and what he's done.

How Sean Robinson Tricks People

Sean Robinson has a few tricks he uses to fool people. Sometimes, he makes a bunch of good deals with someone. After gaining their trust, he tricks them and they end up losing their money or not getting what they were promised. Other times, he might meet up to trade gadgets but then says he forgot the item. He tries to distract them with other small gadgets and asks them to leave their trade item with him, promising to send the item later, but then he disappears. Another simple trick he does is sell something, take the money, and never send the item. These methods show he's really sneaky and not to be trusted.

Sean Robinson's Defenders: Are They Real?

Whenever someone starts sharing their bad experiences with Sean, suddenly people come out of nowhere to defend him. These defenders argue and say they've had good experiences with him, but it's strange. Some of them just joined the group or have been quiet until now. There are only a few of them, but they're very loud and insist that Sean is a good guy, even when no one is attacking him. They get really upset about the accusations, which makes us wonder if they're actually Sean pretending to be someone else. It's odd that Sean never defends himself. It's up to you to think about whether these defenders are telling the truth.

Your Decision on Sean Robinson

After hearing everything about Sean Robinson, it's up to you to decide what you think. There's a lot of evidence and stories out there. Why would so many people talk about being tricked by him if it wasn't true? We encourage you to learn as much as you can and be careful when dealing with him. This story might make you think differently about who Sean really is. Remember to look after yourself and others in our community.

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Unknown member
Feb 21

In my lengthy comment, I need to add a clarification... The "ousting" that DJ had done to Sean was in the form of a YouTube video, which seems to have been deleted. Sean used a hex editor and changed DJ's copyright to Sean's name on DJs Cloud CPM for NABU. Sean made a video claiming he created it. DJ apparently already knew who Sean was and his reputation. So, DJ created a video that was absolutely hysterical. If anyone wants to see it, I have an MP4 copy passed around by NABU users. But DJ essentially made this video showing how Sean used a hex editor to change the copyright. Throughout the video, DJ referred to Sean as "Sean Lee…


Unknown member
Feb 21

After coming across several videos from DJ Sures, I recently spent more money than I should have to buy a Nabu from eBay. This story about Sean depicts what I witnessed while trying to track DJ Sures down, whom Sean slandered until he left the NABU community. Sean used the tactics you described to manipulate his Discord community by using multiple aliases under the ironic handle "Geek With Social Skills."

When I joined, I did a quick search to find DJ's last comments to thank him for his work for NABU. But instead, I came across many historical slanders and even recent references about DJ as doing something wrong. From what I understand, Sean had slandered DJ until he left…

Unknown member
Feb 27
Replying to

I think we need to be a little careful about drawing certain conclusions. I'm not a "desperate and lonely user." Though I was fooled just like everyone else sadly. Can we make some edits to the above? I really don't want to have anything to do with this publicly please.

Additionally, calling me a minion of SeanRox is pure libel. Please remove any references to me from the above post.

Additionally, DJ Sures and I are not on bad terms. I've commented on his videos and corresponded with DJ. So, once again, the accusations that I am against DJ Sures are false.



Unknown member
Feb 21

Coming from the Nabu world, there's a lot left out of this post with his recent actions. From being caught stealing someone's code, copying names and personas of others, using fake accounts on Discord to defend himself, and so much more. There's speculation that he used a fake account of someone from another country asking Nabu users for money to buy blood for his girlfriend. The trouble with Sean is the lies never end because he believes them. According to Sean, in the last year, he's been caught lying about having Japanese Nabu pics, making Bomberman for Nabu, making irc for Nabu, making a multiplayer server for Nabu, and so much more. Not including slandering and running one of Nabu'…


Unknown member
Feb 20

As an early survivor of this guy, I would say this is spot on. Devious and manipulative are an understatement. This guy has made a career of what he calls "greasing the wheels".

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