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90 degree Power Supply Adapter Commodore64/128

90 degree Power Supply Adapter Commodore64/128


Introducing the Commodore4ever 90 degree power supply adapter. This adapter will allow you to use your current commodore4ever power supply without the annoying wire sticking out the side of the computer. This adapter turns the cord the way it should have been done to begin with... out the back!  


There are 2 different versions:

  • 64 to 64
  • 64 to 128


The 64 to 64 version has a sturdy high quality metal 7 pin din connector. It gives you  the strongest possible connection with very limited torque on the commodore power inlet.


The 64 to 128 version is exactly as it states. It allows you to power your 128 using a modern more robust power supply like the Atom.

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