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Back Jack - Power Connector Reimagined

Back Jack - Power Connector Reimagined


Introducing the revolutionary Back Jack series, exclusively at! Are you tired of the awkward power connector placement on your beloved Commodore? We've got the ultimate solution to streamline your setup and enhance your Commodore experience.


Back Jack - Power Connector

 Our base model, the Back Jack, ingeniously relocates your Commodore 64's power connector from the side to the back of the unit. This sleek and smart design not only tidies up your desk but also "Locks" into place and releaves pressure from the original power jack. It's a functional upgrade that adds a touch of style to your setup.


Back Jack + - The Ultimate Protection for Your C64

If the light is Green the power is CLEAN!

Elevate your Commodore 64's safety and functionality with the Back Jack +. It offers all the benefits of the Back Jack, plus an essential feature for any C64 enthusiast - Overvoltage Protection. Our innovative Overvoltage Protection monitors the 5V power line entering your Commodore 64. If the voltage spikes to over 5.3V, it automatically cuts the power safeguarding your precious Commodore against the notorious overvoltage issue found in original power supplies. This issue is infamous for destroying the Commodore's main chips, leading to costly repairs or replacements. When the 5v line is safe, a green light is displayed. So you are aware at all times of the status of your power supply.

Why risk your Commodore 64's health with unpredictable power supplies? The Back Jack + not only offers peace of mind but also ensures that your C64 setup is sleek, organized, and protected against unforeseen power surges.


Why Choose the Back Jack ?

  • Innovative Design: Neatly moves your power connector to the back, reducing clutter.
  • Exclusive Overvoltage Protection on the + model: Monitors and protects against harmful voltage spikes, displaying a GREEN light if voltage is safe.
  •  Essential for Original Power Supplies: Designed specifically to combat the overvoltage flaws of original Commodore power supplies, saving you from potential heartache.
  • Protects the original power jack: With the design and fit of the Back Jack all the torque and pressure is removed from the commodore. 



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