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commodore 128, 128D, 128DCR  A/V Breakout

commodore 128, 128D, 128DCR A/V Breakout


Great device designed by commodore4ever.

Composite out. Mono or Stereo out (If your 128 has been modded with). Audio In.. SVideo out!

This device makes hooking up your 128 to a modern tv quick and simple.  

Documentation for the 64 version as the 128 version functions the same.

The A/V-Adaptor allows to connect standard S-Video and Audio or Composite-Video cables to the A/V-Jack of the Commodore C64.
A 330 resistor to attenuate the Chroma signal for S-Video is installed, but it can be deactivated by setting a jumper (JP2). This attenuation is required, since the chroma signal has a level, which is too high for standard S-Video.
Further, the audio input can be connected to GND, in case it is not in use to reduce the noise introduction. 

The two audio output jacks can be connected by a jumper. Alternatively, the stereo sound output (A/V-Jack, pin 7, in case a 2nd SID is installed inside the C64) can be connected to the right channel of the audio output. The first SID output is connected to the left channel of the audio output.


Pin Signal
1 Luminance
3 Audio Out (mono/left)
4 Composite Video
5 Audio In
6 Chrominance
7 Audio Out (right – if provided)
8 -

S-Video Jack 
A vertical PCB mount Mini-DIN jack (4 circuits)
Pin Signal
1 GND (Luminance)
2 GND (Chrominance)
3 Luminance
4 Chrominance

 Audio Out (mono/left)
 Audio Out (mono/right)
 Audio In
Composite Video

Chrominance HI 
The chrominance signal has a too high level for the standard S-Video chroma signal. The jumper bridges the 330 resistor (R1) to switch off this attenuation.
Status Configuration
open Attenuation active
set Attenuation inactive/off

Audio Input 
To reduce the noise introduction to the Audio Input, this can be grounded. 
Status Configuration
ON SID Audio In connected to 
OFF SID Audio In connected to GND

The standard audio output of the SID is one channel (mono). In cases a 2nd SID is installed, the 2nd audio output is (usually) connected to Pin 7 of the Audio/Video jack of the C64. JP3 connected the right channel of the audio output (J4) to either J2, Pin 3 or Pin 7.
Status Configuration
MONO J4 connected to J2, Pin 3
STEREO J4 connected to J2, Pin 7


check out a short video here:

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