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COMMODORE 64/Vic-20 Power Supply the ATOM v2.5

COMMODORE 64/Vic-20 Power Supply the ATOM v2.5


Lots of power in the palm of your hand...the ATOM v2.5


I wanted to take the best of the original ATOM and redesign it into a much smaller footprint. With no loss to function or performance I came up with the ATOM v2.5

A replacement power supply for the Commodore 64. Will also work with the VIC-20CR (Round Power Connector).

Will power a 128 or a Plus 4 with adapters which are sold separately.



Measuring just 3.62"x1.89"x2.87", this power supply is producing 9VAC@1A and 5VDC@3A and comes standard with power switch. There is plenty of juice for your computer and all the extras components you want to add on.


ON/OFF switch


Input: North American (Standard 3 prong cable) - 120VAC  50/60Hz


Output: 5VDC @ 3A & 9VAC @ 1A

SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply)

7 pin connector(64, VIC-20)


Over Voltage and Short Circuit Protection.

Built in!

Well built, stable, and reliable.

We have sold THOUSANDS of power supplies all over the world! These are tried and true. Commodore4ever takes great pride in our work and you see that in the products!

Expected to begin shipping by 12/19/2023
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