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PiDRIVE *BLACK Edition*  Raspberry Pi HAT 1541 1581  Emulator

PiDRIVE *BLACK Edition* Raspberry Pi HAT 1541 1581 Emulator


Case NOW Available for Raspberrry Pi 3A+ HERE


Works with RaspberryPi 3B, 3B+ or 3A+

Same great quality with a more sleek design!

The BLACK EDITION PiDrive combines the same great quality and functionality as the previous design with a more appealing cleaner look.


This device will turn your RaspberryPi into a cycle exact 1541 and 1581 emulator. Very simple to set up and start using. No special cables are required.


This unit has dual serial ports so you can add additional devices such as more floppy drives or a printer. Default device# for this unit is 8.


All you need is the following:



RaspberryPi 3B, 3B+ or 3A+

A sample SD Card build with files is provided with purchase.

Regular serial cable


Basic Instruction are as follows.


**Now you can choose an optional preconfigured and loaded 4gb SD Card

Set up and ready to go. No more hassel of finding compatable SD cards or the time wasted looking and downloading programs. We have done all that for you!**


Download the SD card zip file from HERE

Unzip the contents to the Root of your SD card

Folder named "1541" is where you copy your d64s, d81s and Program Files

Place SD card in RaspberryPi

Install PiDRIVE HAT on RaspBerryPi

Hook up serial cables 

Power up the Pi

Power Up your Commodore.


Type Load"*",8 to load FileBrowser

or you can use buttons on the Pi to browse 


That is basically it! You can find out much more information at the following site.


Of course if you have any questions you can message me here or on my FB page commodore4ever

LED colors may vary from the ones pictured.

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