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Space Moguls NTSC and PAL

Space Moguls NTSC and PAL


You've won a place in the final round of Earth's most expensive competition ever held! Contestants in "Space Moguls" have battled it out to four remaining contestants. In the final round you and three other finalists will travel by spaceship to a new planet, bringing only the minimum amount of supplies to survive! You're ready to battle for the title of the ultimate Space Mogul!

In order to thrive you must produce food, energy, materials and ore. To create more wealth you can also mine rare materials. Droids are available to help you, the droids can be outfitted and put to work on land that you reserve. Each turn you choose one cell of land with an opportunity to sometimes bid on an extra cell! Wisely equip a droid and put it to work on each cell to increase your survivability, cash value and rank. When the show comes to an end the winner will be determined and a ride back to earth awaits! As long as everything goes according to plan...

Space Moguls is a tribute to one of the earliest major milestones in strategy games. 35 years ago M.U.L.E. was created by Ozark Softscape, a title that has been an inspiration ever since. The game supports multiple multiplayer adapters: Inception, Superpad, Protovision 4 player adapter.

Minimum system requirements:
C64 or C128 in C64 mode.

Also compatible with:
1541 Ultimate

This game works perfectly on both PAL and NTSC and supports Inception, Superpad and the Protovision 4 player adapter.

Distribution: Protovision
Coding: Carl-Henrik Skårstedt
Graphics: Carl-Henrik Skårstedt
Music: Stein Pedersen & Ole-Marius Pettersen

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